Damage to your Scalp

Damage to your Scalp

There are a lot of damaging and irritating chemicals in many shampoos such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which makes shampoo foam up. It’s also widely used in dishwashing liquids, car washes (degreasers). It is a skin irritant (they sometimes use it in laboratory trials to irritate skin for testing products) and is known to dry scalp, corrode hair follicles and damage your hair. Its hard to believe it is in MOST big brand shampoos….there are others to look out for too that are also potentially carcinogenic. Yes, SLS is one that has had some publicity, however there are others just as bad to watch out for, especially when combined with other ingredients….this factor is little known but is a common cause of recurring flaky sore or dry itchy scalp.

Using natural oils and/or herbs from your garden can help to soothe your itchy, burning scalp…try using 10 drops of teatree (melaleauca oil) mixed in with your NON Sodium Laureth Sulphate shampoo. This helps with itching. Another quick remedy is to rinse your hair with warm chamomile tea. In Beautiful Hair & Healthy Scalp Secrets & Remedies there is a long list of home remedies for scalp conditions including:

  • several types of home remedy for dry scalp
  • several blends of remedy for itchy scalp
  • oils that are effective as scalp psoriasis treatments
  • anti-dandruff itchy relieving remedy
  • oils to treat fungal infection (s)
  • red itchy scalp and other irritation of the scalp solutions

To summarise it’s easy to utilise natural alternatives to drugs & have a complete itchy dry scalp home remedy kit with many more hair & scalp treatments you can use for healthy skin & hair as well. Make a change to shampoos that don’t contain these ingredients & see if that makes a difference to the condition of your scalp.

Many oils and other products listed are available in selected health stores. Itchy scalp & other annoying scalp problems can be dealt with using remedies you can make in minutes at home

This blend is perfect for eliminating: scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema, dandruff bacteria, burning red itchy scalp, calms and soothes fast & will moisturize dry scalp or brittle damaged hair.

Hair Therapy Wrap For Hot Oil Treatments You Can Make At Home

Treatment using the Hair Therapy Wrap works to repair dry hair by using any deep conditioning product

Patented Hair Therapy Wrap doesn’t require electricity to function allowing the user freedom of mobility while repairing damaged hair.

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