Itchy Bumps on Skin or Scalp

Itchy Bumps on Skin or Scalp

Itchy bumps on your skin or scalp can be annoying, disturbing and unsightly. Whats worse is when you are not sure what they are or how they were caused.

There is much you can do to soothe itchy bumps but first it’s helpful and reassuring to understand that the many reasons why itchy bumps can form – from insect bites to allergies to shampoo ingredients. Once you pinpoint their origin you can use natural treatments for itchy bumps to relieve the itching.

I will say before I start that you should consult with a physician if you have any itchy bump or lump that is in one place for more than a week or if it is a suspected spider or poisonous bite. Persistent itchy bumps under the skin need to be taken seriously even just as a precaution. Please note I am referring to itchy bumps here that are of a temporary (but annoying) nature.

So with that said, lets cover each of the most common causes:

  • Allergies to animal hair otherwise known as hives. Some children and adults suffer from a mild immune response to animal hair and can develop temporary bumps and lumps that are itchy and may have a small blister like point at the center or them. These are usually indicated by the fact that there are a number of them clustered around an area of the skin where the allergen has come into contact with the person.
  • Insect bites, needless to say that these come with the territory when camping or an walking trips – or even in your back yard. Itchy bumps from insect bites are usually no more then annoyingly itchy, but if they accompanied by swelling, then you may need to take antihistamine especially if they are around areas such as the throat and mouth.
  • Allergic reaction or sensitivity to shampoo ingredients, hair dye ingredients or something in a cream or water that contacts your skin or scalp. This is a very common problem that is widely underestimated in our society. Many people develop a senstivity to some ingredient in skin care, hair care or body wash products andare unaware of this – all they know is that they suffer from itchy bumps or lumps on their scalp or skin, and that it is extremely irritating! A senstivity can develop over time or even in a short time in children. If you suspect you have developed an irritation or senstivity to a chemical that is causing continual issues with scalp bumps or lumps, then look at your shampoo for possible clues. Sodium laureth sulphate is one common irritant.
  • If your itchy bumps have become open and or infected from contstant itching and scratching -( yes, we have all been guilty of scratching when we shouldnt), then you may also have some oozing or infection that needs to be addressed.

So what can you do to stop some of the incessant itching from skin bumps and lumps?

Natural remedies made from essential plant oils can do three things for itchy skin or scalp bumps:

Lavender oil can soothe itching and calm red sore irritated skin rashes – takes the sting out of bites in minutes – also heals skin

Rosemary oil helps to calm and protect against infection because of its antibacterial properties and has healing propertied for skin

Tea tree oil is highly antibacterial so helps to kill infections

Neem is soothing and antibacterial – it is also used for rashes, and psoriasis type skin conditions around the world.

Jojoba soothes, balances and rehydrates skin mimicing the natural sebum of your skin and scalp.

You can make a home remedy from these oils using two tablespoons of Jojoba (or any nut oil), 3 drops tea tree oil, 5 drops of neem, 4 drops of lavender and 3 drops of tea tree to apply to any itchy bumps. We keep a spray bottle filled with water and this mixture in the fridge or pantry and when any of our family get any kind of bite or rash (mosquitoes seem to love our kids and I). Any time the kids have an itchy rash or bump of any kinds they head straight for the “magic bottle” shake it and spray it on for instant relief.

This mixture takes calms any redness, takes the sting or itch away and helps to repair damaged skin. I suggest keeping a bottle in your cupboard for cuts, bites, rashes and bumps and my favourite – as a hair & scalp treatment.

If you have any persistent bumps I suggest you do see a doctor to eliminate any more serious conditions as a cause…but for everyday itchy bumps – you can treat them at home for fast relief and healing.

For a ready made Soothing Remedy check out Soothing Scalp Remedy which is a ready made recipe that you can keen in your cupboard for an everyday skin, scalp irritation treatment.