Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

A Guide To The Causes Of Itchy Hair And Its Treatment

Itchy hair is a problem of dry scalp. When the scalp is left dry after losing its moisture and natural oil, it experiences dead skin cells and flakes them off its surface. Excessive flaking of the scalp leaves the hair dry. Dry hair consequently becomes itchy and may even fall.

Several factors and conditions that cause itchy hair

dry itchy scalp remediesFrequent washing of the hair with a harsh and rich shampoo leaves the scalp dry and flaky. Itchy hair is a typical symptom of a dry and flaky scalp. Excessive washing absorbs the sebum (a natural oil) that sebaceous glands secret from the surface of the scalp. When the scalp begins to flake its dry skin off, the hair follicles loosen to cause temporary hair loss.

A dry scalp is often prone to be affected by fungal infection. It becomes a breeding ground for yeast due to a considerable decrease in the formation level of sebum. Multiplication and growth of yeast on the scalp surface lead to itchy hair. It may even cause red itchy scalp and hair loss if the problem grows worse.

The skin that is the outermost surface of the body remains fresh and fine when the body is supplied with proper nutrition. Therefore, malnutrition or improper nutrition can be counted as a cause of itchy hair and hair loss. The diet that you feed on may lack some nutrients that the body requires for its well-being.

Excessive use of hair cosmetics like gels or lotions are no less responsible for red itchy scalp hair loss especially if they are rich in chemical substance. These harsh hair products absorb natural moisture of the scalp and leave it dry with itchy hair.

Excessive exposure to the sun and the wind leads to dryness of the scalp. The scalp is left with dry hair after losing its natural oil and moisture. Dry hair sometimes feels itchy and falls temporarily.

Inadequate formation of thyroid hormone is another factor that causes itchiness of the hair. This condition of the body is known as hypothyroidism. Dry, thin and brittle hair is one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. This condition slows down the functions of the body leading to physical and mental stress that causes the scalp to lose hair.

Calcium and phosphorus are two chief nutrients that the scalp needs to nourish the hair. A decrease in the level of calcium and an increase in the level of phosphorus result from the reduced formation of parathyroid hormone. Hypoparathyroidism refers to this condition of the body. It leads to itchy hair that in turn, results in red itchy scalp hair loss.

Solutions for itchy hair and red itchy scalp hair loss

dry itchy scalp remediesUsing natural hair products that are rich in herbal properties is a reliable solution to the problem of itchy hair. Applying a herbal gel to the hair and massaging the scalp with natural oils are highly recommended. Natural oils are available in a great variety. Avocado oil, almond oil, olive oil, emu oil, wheat germ oil, rosemary oil and shea oil provide moisture to keep dryness away from the scalp. Mixing some honey with any of these oils gives an effective massage.

Use a mild shampoo instead of a harsh one. Herbal shampoos are mild in nature and rich in anti fungal properties. Washing the hair with such a shampoo twice or thrice a week can improve the symptoms of red itchy scalp hair loss.

Soothing Scalp Remedy is a reliable remedy to treat the dry scalp and the itchy hair. It is composed of natural ingredients like rosemary, lavender, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, neem oil and grape seed oil.

Intake of vitamin C increases the level of the natural pH of the hair. Tomato is very high in vitamin C. Therefore, applying tomato juice, tomato paste or tomato slices to the scalp and hair can help.

Feeding on a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits, provides the most natural treatment to combat itchy hair. Nutritional nourishment from a balanced diet keeps the scalp moist and the hair shining.

You can massage the scalp with a paste made by mixing the yolk of two eggs. As a home made remedy it is incredibly effective. It provides all essential nutrients including vitamin A and vitamin D to the scalp. After a massage with the paste, wash the application off using warm water. It is beneficial for itchy hair.

Red itchy scalp hair loss, though temporary in nature may be a concern for you. There is nothing to take it as a serious concern, if it is not neglected. With several nutritional, natural and herbal solutions to the problem of itchy hair, you should not feel worried.

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